Conversations between Erik Kelner and prominent figures within the sport of CrossFit.

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Nothing beats hands-on coaching when it comes to improving your technique

Jul 2020

11 - 12/ 07

Weightlifting 101 Weekend Seminar - Foundations

Gland, Switzerland

CrossFit All Elements

Aug 2020

12 - 16/ 08

Weightlifting 101 Training Camp - Basics

Copenhagen, Denmark

CrossFit Copenhagen

Aug 2020

29 - 30/ 08

Weightlifting 101 Weekend Seminar - Foundations

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

CrossFit Roude Leiw


The mission of Weightlifting 101 is to change the way that CrossFitters think about and apply weightlifting to CrossFit.

Weightlifting 101 was established in 2012 with the mission of changing the way that CrossFitters think and perform weightlifting. We offer a comprehensive, logical, and elegant system of weightlifting, curated especially for CrossFitters.

Weightlifting 101 offers two key services: in-person training and online programming. Both our worldwide coaching events and our programming focus on technical mastery, diligence, and structuring training in an effective way.


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