The Weightlifting 101 Workshop represents the perfect way for lifters of all levels to get acquainted with the Weightlifting 101 Method. This method has been under development for many years now, and has become a solid and robust system, through which the Olympic lifts can be taught to anyone with the desire to learn and a willingness to work hard, i.e. everyone with a coachable attitude. The workshop context requires strict discipline from attendees to be time-efficient and effective, so expect martial discipline throughout the day. Discipline, hard work, and thinking is at the heart of the Weightlifting 101 Method.

The Weightlifting 101 Workshop is both the perfect introduction to this system, but being a 1-day event, often scheduled on weekends, it is also quite easy to commit to. Many attendees utilise these single-day events to keep their barbell game in check continuously for the following reasons: constructive and individual criticism is provided; attendees get a chance to practice new cues in the presence of a highly capable coach in a controlled setting; and they get concrete advice to apply to their own training after the workshop.

Every workshop is different, both in terms of the attendee composition, but also in regard to the specific program for the day, which is under continuous scrutiny and development. The majority of workshops are ‘BASICS’ where everyone who fulfils the following basic requirements can attend. Those requirements are:

  1. a good command of the English language;

  2. that you be free of any injuries;

  3. that you have a positive attitude, a genuine interest in learning and a willingness to work hard.

’INTERMEDIATE’ and ‘ELITE’ options are also regularly organised for skilled prior attendees. You can apply here if you are interested in attending such an event. If accepted, you will get notified when one is organised, but please note that prior attendance at one of our coaching offerings is required. ‘ELITE’ events are invitation only, and thus not bookable.

The workshop consists of three sessions over the course of 10 hours, which is demanding and requires a bit of preparation. There will be plenty of time between sessions to feed and rehydrate, but you are 100% responsible for this element yourself. We recommend that you prep meals containing abundant quantities of easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins. Furthermore, make sure that your hands are in good condition on the day of the workshop (calluses sanded down, nails clipped, skin soft), bring a good pair of lifting straps (if you have them), lots of thumb tape, hand lotion and both weightlifting and crossfit/sport shoes.

We look forward to your attendance,

/Weightlifting 101

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